Manage your company internally wherever you are.

Computer, tablet or mobile phone, your business a click away!

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Discover a platform designed to be portable

Projected for today's world, fast access, simple, and secure

Adapted to your business

Make your processes digital and get quick access to what interests you the most


Quick access to your employees' list and to the information you need


Coordinate projects and tasks quickly and easily. Assign tasks to employees


Control your products' stock and receive alerts before reaching the stipulated limits


Each employee will only have access to what was stipulated according to his access permissions

Adapted to you

Choose the features that most fit your business

Contracts management

Keep all your contracts at one-touch distance

Define contracts and associate products or services to it. Check profitability and its values.

Organize the contract's monitoring through his commercial follow-up.

Digital schedule

Plan your employees' schedules and get a summary of your day in a simple way.

Speed up the marking of vacations and day-offs. With this component you can have an overview of your employees' schedules and you'll be able to reconcile and adapt changes to it, easily.

Get a summary of each employee's day at any time.

Customers Control

You'll be able to manage your customers easily, as well as follow-up them.

Organize your customers and verify their informations in their profile. Keep the commercial contact with he organized through the follow up options.

Manage customer's locations and their responsible.

Adapted for you

Prepare your company for tomorrow with a solid base to grow, and if your business asks for a solution to yours measure, contact us.

More Features

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Advanced Statistics

Our statistics system provides an overview of the evolution of your business in different areas, separating them into simple and easy-to-use groups.


Access to the various features of the project through the quick shortcuts shown on the dashboard. Shortcuts are configured as your needs.


Be notified whenever a certain action is realized in the platform. Select only the alerts that matter to you.


Share structured messages to other employees with attachments and images.

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